Horses Don’t Sweat, and Other Stupid Shit Animal Rights Activists Have Told Me

Photos from Christina Hansen (@CarriageCavalry) and the Facebook group Save NYC Carriage Horses from Radical Animal Rights Activists

I think I will make that my second book title (After my autobiography There’s a Jewish Vegetarian Cooking Me Bacon and Other Stories).


I am a complete supporter of urban working horses (Thank you Blue Star Equiculture for teaching me through your website and essays!), especially those in New York City. The drivers and stablemen there have the put utmost love and care into their equine coworkers. And let’s be honest, their stables are in way better shape than the barn where I keep Eddy.

Not to mention the countless pages of regulations they have to obey regarding the weather, the time, places they can work, how fast they can go, blankets, licenses, becoming a driver, how long a career horses can have, how they can be tied and more.

If a government tried to do that to the average Joe horse owner there’d be mutiny.

Plus these guys are under constant attacks from animal rights activists-AKA crazy vegans who think that working with animals is a crime punishable and having a pet is the equivalent to slavery.

Fake horse for a fake issue

The industry has been threatened several times over its life-most recently when Mayor Bill De Blasio campaigned on the idea that he would remove the horses on day 1 of his administration.

What day are we on now? Like, 1600 or something? How’s that going there Billy?

Needless to say, New Yorkers, fellow carriage companies and equestrians and tourists nationwide banded together to help toss out the outright ban.

So, they tried to move the stables in to the park themselves. And that failed because the union that the carriage drivers are a part of shut that right down (Go Teamsters!)

So, since the easy, public routes were now gone, NYCLASS (The main group of idiot activists) has decided to take a back door method.

First, they’ve successfully managed to move the 160 year old hack lines where the carriages line up for rides to sections inside the park, using the Dept. of Transportation. The DOT never consulted with the drivers. The judge said it had nothing to do with horse welfare. And now horses will be invisible inside the park, standing in the sun and on hills and away from their water troughs.

And now they’re trying to pass Intro 1425 which would bring the temperature to end work down from 89 degrees Fahrenheit air temp to a 90 degree heat index. Which means an 80 degree day that “Feels like 90” would end the rides for the day. And that’s some serious bullshit. This is a death by a thousand cuts-many stupid new rules to limit the carriages and essentially regulate them out of business.

Don’t believe me? Check out some of the anti-carriage pages, and you’ll find many comments like this one:

jill carnegie facebook screenshot feb 2019

And this is where the crazy crap comes in. They got a SMALL ANIMAL VET who has no equine experience (And who kills cats because she doesn’t think their owners love them enough) named Dr. Holly Cheever to say that “Horses don’t sweat.”

It’s not sweating, it’s just glistening

Yeah. Bullshit they don’t. I’m adding that to my list of stupid shit these people have said (See below, and also see below for informative links on the industry and the stupid shit they deal with).

Needless to say, I find this frustrating and stupid that equine professionals are treated in this manner simply because a fringe group thinks that we shouldn’t own animals. It’s stupider that politicians believe it. And it’s stupidest that they use emotions to convince other people that carriages are bad. As a budding scientist, I try to keep emotions out of decisions I make and go with sound scientific evidence to make a decision (Which is probably why I have so many unpopular ones).

Anyway, contact the New York City council members either by phone, email or social media and let them know that Intro 1425 is stupid.

List of things Animal Rights Activists have said that are dumb (Feel free to add more in the comments):

  • Horses don’t sweat
  • Horses don’t live past 20 if they work
  • Horses feel heat in their hooves
  • Carriage horses can’t lay down in their stalls
  • Hills are bad for horses
  • Horses use stairs in the carriage barns
  • Poop in a horse stall is bad
  • Horse shoes are too heavy for draft horses to wear
  • Working on asphalt hurts them
  • All carriage horses go to slaughter
  • Horses are being bred to work in NYC

Links to NYCLASS corruption:

Videos of the shit NYCLASS does


For more, see this channel here

Links to Holly Cheever killing cats

Carriage information:

Intro 1425

DOT hack line move links:


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